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How to Design and Use Banner Advertising

By: Dave Howell - Updated: 28 May 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Promoting your new online business will mean some form of advertising. Website promotion can take many forms including banner advertising. Banner advertising takes the concepts of display advertising that have been used in magazines for decades and applies these to the Internet. The design of banner advertising on a website has now become highly sophisticated with moving graphics, sound and full-motion video now being used.

Click-through rates can be very low for some banner advertising, but if you choose the website you place your advertisements on carefully, you can generate enough traffic to your website to cover the costs of placing the advertisement.

Create your Banner

To promote your website using banner advertising you first need to create your advert. The design of banner advertising has become very sophisticated over the last few years. Your website should have a press area where you can place banner advertising that partners can simply download to place on their websites.

Creating your banner advertising will mean a level of graphics skills you may not posses. Programs like Photoshop are essential tools to help you create a professional looking banner advert to promote your website. If you don’t have the skills, hiring a graphic designer is money well spent as they will be able to produce a high quality advert.

If you want to use moving graphics and/or video in your banner advertising, make sure your graphic designer can show you they have skills in this area. Ask to see their portfolio of banner adverting they have already produced.

DIY Banner Advertising

If your budget is tight or you just want to create a simple static banner advertising there are a number of online services and software you can install to help you build your banner adverts. If your needs aren’t too ambitious, these services and applications can be a cost effective way to design your advertising. Good examples include AdDesigner and Banner Maker Pro.

Banner Ad Exchanges

After you have created your banner advertising you can then contact other websites that might be interested in placing your banner on their pages. An alternative is to submit your banner advertising to an advertising exchange website. Here, your advertising would be placed in a database. Businesses use these collections of banner adverts to find business that have complementary goods or services to their own that they can advertise on their website.

With this system, you gain much more exposure to potential hosts for your banner advertising than you could hope to gain from contacting potential business partners separately. There are many exchanges to choose from. Look closely at the costs and any limitations that might be placed on your banner advertising if you use these services.

Banner Ads Checklist

Like their print cousins, banner advertising for a website should be approached carefully with a clear promotional plan in mind. Attracting potential customers to click on your banner advertising is an art that you must learn to effectively promote your website. Use the checklist below to guide your banner advertising campaign:

Your Campaign Objectives
Before you begin to design your banner advertising it is important to understand the core objectives for your ad campaign. When you know what you expect your banner advertising to deliver you can better either design your own ad or brief the designer that will create the ad for you.

Clear Messages
Banner advertising are very much like high street billboards in that you have to communicate your ad message in seconds. Many website pages are only visited briefly, so your banner advertising has a very short space of time to attract the attention of a website browser.

Multimedia and Graphics
There has been a trend with banner advertising to use more video and moving graphics. However, research has shown that brand awareness can be just as good with a static ad. Think carefully about how you can communicate your ad messages. Do you really need to use video or motion graphics?

Size, Shape and Position
Banner advertising comes in all shapes and sizes. The size of the banner advertising you create will generally depend on the website you want your ad to appear. However, there are a number of popular banner advertising sizes. Your website designer can advise you about which size would best suit the content you want in your banner advertising.

Content and Communication
Trying to deliver multiple sales messages within on banner ad for your website is a classic mistake that all beginners make. Banner advertising is all about the fast communication of one concise idea. This can be information about a new product or service. Try and make your ads as clear and unambiguous as possible.

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We hold a craft fayre every year at christmas, organised by the school PTA. We just add the cost of two banners to the expenses every year and get permission to put them on two foot bridges at either end of our town. It works a treat = about 50% of the visitors just pop in after seeing the sign.
Bobby - 28-May-12 @ 8:03 PM
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