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How to Open an eBay Store

By: Dave Howell - Updated: 23 Jul 2010 | comments*Discuss
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The Internet is awash with E-commerce business, but one sector that has consistently stood out from an increasingly crowded marketplace is the ebay online business. Millions of consumers now search ebay regularly for the goods they want to buy seeing ebay as a legitimate retail outlet just like any high street store. As such, your enterprise must design a professional storefront to attract customers, but also enable them to effortlessly buy from your ebay business.

Manually Build your Store

As all ebay stores are basically Internet web pages you can design your ebay store from scratch using any web page design software. The market leader is Dreamweaver as it provides a set of professional tools that all web designers use. However, any package that can output standard HTML pages can be used to build the pages within your ebay business.

Ebay Storefronts

By far the most straightforward way of opening a store on ebay is to use the automated systems that are built into ebay itself. To open your first ebay business follow the steps below:

1: Open a Sellers Account
Before you can start to build your new ebay business you must open a new sellers account. This is completely free and only takes a few minutes. You will be asked for your credit card details as these are used to verify your identity. Ebay encrypts this information when you send this to them, so it is completely secure.

2: Get your Items Ready
Before you can start to load your ebay business pages with the goods your business has for sale, you need to prepare them. This can mean taking a photo, deciding on the selling price, preparing packaging materials you will need, and calculating the delivery costs you need to add to the selling price of your items. You must also decide whether you want to run your online business as an ebay auction, or use the Buy It Now option.

3: Build your Store Pages
You can now build each of the pages you want your goods to appear on and upload these to ebay using its sell your item from. There is a space where you can copy the HTML code that will give your ebay pages the look and feel you want. This is the most labour intensive way of opening an ebay business, but if you have few items to sell, or want to test the market with a new line of products, uploading items manually is ideal.

4: Moving to an ebay Shop
Opening an ebay shop enables your business to create an identity within the ebay Internet website. You have a choice of three shop types:

  • Basic
  • Featured
  • Anchor

The Basic shop is free, with Featured currently costing £30 a month, and Anchor costing £300 a month. The more you pay the more sophisticated your ebay shop can be including more pages to display the goods your online business is selling. Many first time ebay businesses start with the Basic ebay shop and then move up to more sophisticated stores as their ebay business expands.

Your ebay business pages can contain categories, custom pages, promotional areas and a header for the logo of your online business. Branding your ebay shop is important to ensure it stands out from the other businesses on the Internet. Don’t forget that your ebay business pages are in essence just pages of a website that can be modified to your precise requirements within the limits that ebay sets. Visit the ebay Design Centre to see what is possible with your store’s appearance.

Manage your ebay Store

Once your new ebay business is up and running, you can now turn your attention to promoting your online business. As your ebay shop is a website, you can use marketing and promotional techniques that are usually used on an E-commerce website. Ebay offers you a number of services including:

Cross Promotions
Drive more sales to your ebay store by showcasing other similar items your customers might want to buy.

Search Engine Optimisation
To ensure your ebay shop gets the maximum traffic you should use search engine optimisation techniques to make sure the world’s search engines index your the pages on your ebay business.

Email Marketing
Ebay also offers you the chance to do email marketing to promote your new online business.

Track your Store
One of the most important aspects of running your online business is tracking the sales through your store. Ebay provides free reporting via its Store Traffic Reports so you can instantly see the sales and traffic statistics of every item in your ebay shop.

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